The African Renewable Energy Alliance [AREA] is a global platform for policy makers, business, civil society and academia to exchange information and consult about policies, technologies and financial mechanisms for the accelerated uptake of renewable energies in Africa.

knowledge transfer


In the quest for sustainable solutions at regional, national and international level, AREA plays a catalytic role in promoting knowledge transfer and international cooperation.



AREA is providing decision makers with guidance on the needed supportive frameworks for the uptake of renewable energy production. We will develop toolkits that give flexible and tangible acting advice on how to achieve renewable energy targets.


AREA Objectives

Now is the time to set the course towards a substantial uptake of renewable energy for all people in urban and rural Africa to improve their livelihoods and to protect the environment.

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"My vision is that African nations would together turn the climate change challenge into opportunities for developing our naturally endowed resources like the African sun, biomass, wind, sustainable hydro, biofuels etc. into attractive investment markets for enhancing our energy security and for export."

Mr. Yaw Afrane Okese Regional Director Energy and Environment Partnership Program, Development Bank of Southern Africa

"Africa should be all renewable by 2030 - this sounds ambitious, but it will be a lot cheaper than fossil fuels and the majority in my country is renewable energy anyway."

Jon Bohmer Kyoto Energy, Kenya