UNDP/ NEPAD Workshop on Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) & Development of an African Sustainable Charcoal Framework

December 03-07, 2012 – Nairobi, Kenya

NEPAD“AREA is important, inclusive network facilitating knowledge exchange”.




International Conference on Renewable Energy for Developing Countries

November 28-29, 2012 – Beirut, Lebanon

Flag_of_Lebanon.svg Presenting the key lessons learned & recommendations of the recent WFC study: “Powering Africa through Feed-in Tariff Policies“. Several AREA members contributed with their knowledge and experience to the report covering the energy policy situation in 13 African coutnries.

UNFCCC Climate Summit – COP18

November 26-30, 2012 – Doha, Qatar

UNFCCCAREA networking & advocacy at the UNFCCC Climate Summit – COP18. AREA Secretary General; World Future Council Africa Director, Ansgar Kiene in an interview with Climate Change TV.

International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference

November 01-02, 2012 – Accra, Ghana

22c5cb9211AREA is supporting organisation of the International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference, represented by various AREA members from several countries.


Renewable energy technology for increased agricultural productivity & sustainabel development

October 17-18, 2012 Abuja, Nigeria

AREA Steering Committee member Hervé Azemtsa, Cameroon representing AREA at the FARA event in Nigeria.


High-level workshop on financing of sustainable rural electrification projects in West and Central Africa

October 02-03, 2012 – Cotonou, Benin

GSEPThe European Commission and the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership in collaboration with the French Development Agency. AREA sharing experience and advising on solutions

AREA Networking Reception

September 26, 2012 Frankfurt, Germany


Expert Hearing on Regenerative Urbanisation: Steps towards future-proofing urban development

September 20-24, 2012 Dubai, UAE


AREA Steering Committee Member Ms Zohra Abib, Morocco at World Future Council (WFC). For the insightful reports of the WFC Commission on Cities & Climate Change.



Workshop on Sustainable Rural Electrification

August 28-30, 2012 – Johannesburg, South Africa


African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission/African Energy Commission. AREA presenting projects and lessons learned.



Inter-Parliamentary Hearing on “Forests for People”

July 06-08, 2012 – Kigali, Rwanda

LOGOwfc AREA addressing woodfuel challenges.


Solar South Africa 2012

June 19-20, 2012 – Johannesburg, South Africa

RTEmagicC_Solar-South_Africa_logo_04.gifRealising the potential of large-scale solar power generation in South Africa. AREA endorsement & participation.

AREA Networking Reception at InterSolar

June 14, 2012 – Munich, Germany

intersolar2Network with AREA members, learn about the Alliance and meet African distributors & installers.


4th International AREA Conference

May 22–26, 2012 – Rockefeller Bellagio Center, Italy

RTEmagicC_logo_energy_africa_04.gifAccess to Sustainable, Renewable Energy in Africa as Prerequisite for the MDGs.





Africa-EU Energy Partnership First Stakeholder Forum

May 09-10, 2012 – Cape Town, South Africa

RTEmagicC_logo_aeep_en_02.pngAREA participation.


Access to Sustainable, Renewable Energy in Africa as Prerequisite for the MDGs

May 03-04, 2012 – Cape Town, South Africa


AREA presenting “Access to Sustainable, Renewable Energy in Africa as Prerequisite for the MDGs”.




Egyptian Electric Utility & Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency

March 18, 2012 – Cairo, Egypt


AREA introduction.





Shaping the African States’ Energy Agenda

March 07-10, 2012 – Brussels, Belgium


AREA participation.



German-African Economic Forum North-Rhine-Westphalia

March 05, 2012 – Dortmund, Germany


Facilitation of session: “Renewable Energy & Environment Technology”.



Africa rollout of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All

February 21, 2012 – Nairobi, Kenya


AREA participation.


Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing

February 16, 2012 – Johannesburg, South Africa


AREA participation.




Renewable Energy Finance and Energy Access

January 23, 2012 – Johannesburg, South Africa

RTEmagicC_RE_Finance_01.bmpAREA presenting at the forum concentrating on unlocking development of renewable energy projects in Africa, the critical considerations for investment, and how renewable energy will stimulate improved rural energy access.

Power to the People!

January 2012 


Access to sustainable, renewable energy in Africa. An AREA video contributing to the UN International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

Watch here and feel free to share!