African Governance


WEF: The Africa Competitiveness Report 2011
pdf, 5.8 MB

This report highlights the prospects for strong, sustained, and shared growth in Africa and, more importantly, the obstacles to the continent’s competitiveness and economic development.




Africa Progress Panel: Africa Progress Report 2011 – Governance
pdf, 730 KB

Governance factsheet of African countires including statistics.




Africa Progress Panel: Africa Progress Report 2011 – Barriers & Drivers for Economic Growth
pdf, 820 KB

The report consists of structural barriers and drivers to economic growth.



Africa Progress Panel: Africa Progress Report 2011 – Climate Change & Africa’s Green Growth Potential
pdf, 770 KB

Statistical information about the climate change vulnerability in Africa.



Africa Progress Panel: Africa Progress Report 2011- Who needs to do what
pdf, 650 KB

This report explains the responsibilities of African governments and the role played by the corporate private sectors.


RTEmagicC_Africa-Governance.GIFAfrican Governance Indicators – MAP
pdf, 90 KB

An assessment of governance based on indicators in four categories: safety and rule of law; participation and human rights; sustainbale economic opportunity; human development.




2010 Ibrahim Index: Summary (pdf, 7.81 MB)
2010 Ibrahim Index: Country Ranking (pdf, 707 KB)
2010 Ibrahim Index: Full Report XLS (xls, 707 KB)

Climate Change

AMCEN/African Union : Guidebook Addressing Climate Change Challenges in Africa
pdf, 15 MB

This guide provides information on how African climate has changed in the past, and how it is projected to change in the future under global warming.




Rose Mwebaza and Louis J Kotzé: Environmental governance and climate change in Africa
pdf, 1.3 MB

The book provides a general overview of adaptation policies in Africa and also reflects on the challenges and opportunities in the application of tools and methods related to climate change.




Institute for Security Studies: Climate Change and Natural Resource Conflicts

pdf, 1.9 MB

This monograph contains papers that focus on Climate Change and Natural Resources Conflicts in Africa.




Weltsichten: Climate Change and Poverty
pdf, 1.3 MB

This paper describes the ways in which climate change is affecting the people living in poverty.





UNDP: Poverty Reduction – Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Technology
pdf, 1.9 MB

This study scales up sustainable energy innovations that can address climate change concerns and poverty reduction needs.





Yale/ Columbia University: Environmental Performance Index 2010
pdf, 3.2 MB

This summary for policymakers consists of environmental performance index framework and geographic regional peer group by rank, country and scores.




RTEmagicC_Energy_supply_-_CO2_emmissions.GIFWorld Primary Energy Supply & CO2 Emmissions – MAP
pdf, 2.6 MB

Indications of the global total Primary Energy Supply and CO2 – Emissions.




Greenpeace: The advanced Energy [R]evolution scenario and its impact
pdf, 1,9 MB

This report shows how South Africa could reduce CO2 emissions in the electricity sector to 30% below 2007 levels by 2030, while reducing the country’s addiction to coal and nuclear




REN21: Global Status Report 2011
pdf, 3 MB

This report explains how renewable energy continued to grow strongly in all end-use sectors, and how the global investment reached new highs.




RTEmagicC_Ernst_Young_RE_country-attractiveness-indices-2011.GIFErnst&Young: Renewable Energy – Country Attractiveness Indices February 2011
pdf, 2.2 MB

This paper provides scores for national renewable energy markets, renewable energy
infrastructures and their suitability for individual technologies.





EREC/ Greenpeace: The advanced energy [r]evolution – A Sustainable Energy Outlook for South Africa, May 2011
pdf, 3.5 MB

The scenario demonstrates how energy-related global CO2 emissions can be reduced by 80% by 2050 based on 1990 levels.




IPCC: Special Report on Renewable Energy May2011
pdf, 96 KB

This Summary for policy makers provides an overview of the Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation, summarizing the essential findings.





WFC: World Bank Energy Policy Recommendations
pdf, 54 KB

The World Bank policy recommendations consist of strategies on how to promote new technology and how to transfer existing technologies to new markets.





REN21: Global Status Report on Local RE Policies
pdf, 1 MB

This report facilitates dialogue and illuminates pathways for future policies and actions at the local level. This working draft version is intended to solicit comments and additional information.




World Energy Outlook 2009: Electricity Access in Africa
pdf, 12 KB

Statistical information on Electricity access in 2008 in Africa.





RTEmagicC_The_Energy_Access_Situation_in_Developing_Countries_UNDP_Sep09.GIFUNDP/ WHO: Energy Access Situation in Africa
pdf, 3.2 MB

This report draws attention to the energy access situation beyond the conventional focus
on electricity, especially in poorer developing countries where access is the most constrained.




RTEmagicC_Policies_to__develop_RE_UNIDO.GIFUNIDO: Policies to Encourage Development of RE
pdf, 85 KB

This module gives an overview of the most common regulatory and policy support mechanisms for promoting the deployment of sustainable energy technologies and encouraging increased capacity and output.




IEA: Energy Consumption per Capita 2008 – MAP
pdf, 2.1 MB

Global indications of Energy consumptions per capita.



RTEmagicC_World_Electricity_Production.GIFLe Monde diplomatique: World Energy Production 2008 – MAP
pdf, 2.6 MB

World indications on Electricity Production per year.




UNDP: World Electrification Rate 2008 – MAP
pdf, 2.2 MB

The percentages of electrification rate all over the world.



RTEmagicC_Africa_Power_Generation.GIFAfrican Energy Atlas 2011: Power Generation in Africa by Source – MAP
pdf, 100 KB

Locations of Major proposed and existing power stations in the African continent.






African Energy Atlas 2011: Fossil Fuels in Africa – MAP
pdf, 100 KB

Africa’s major fossil fuels and newly discovered fossil fuels areas and diposit areas.





RTEmagicC_ISES-Transitioning_to_a_Renewable_Energy_Future_German.GIFInternational Solar Energy Society (ISES)-Whitepaper: Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future Zusammenfassung (German)
pdf, 100 KB





International Solar Energy Society (ISES)-Whitepaper: Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future Résumé exécutif (French)
pdf, 82 KB




RTEmagicC_ISES-Transitioning_to_a_Renewable_Energy_Future_English_01.GIFInternational Solar Energy Society (ISES)-Whitepaper: Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future Executive Summary (English)
pdf, 562 KB