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4th International AREA Conference

Access to Sustainainable, Renewable Energy in Africa as prerequisite for the MDGs.
May 22-26, 2012, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre, Italy

Press Release

Press Release – “Africa will be the powerhouse of the world

Communiqué de presse – “L’Afrique va devenir la centrale électrique du monde

Comunicado de imprensa – “A África será a central elétrica do mundo


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African Renewable Energy Alliance Celebrates 2nd Birthday

AREA Network now provides service in English, French and Portuguese

Press Release

Power Kick for Africa 2011, Abuja, Nigeria

Conference on Renewable Energy & Gender
Solar Screening of the Women’s Football World Cup, Abuja, Nigeria

Press Release

Power Kick for Africa Nigeria 2011 – “Women should be at the Forefront of the Energy Revolution
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Power Kick for Africa Nigeria 2011 – “Frauen sollten die Energie-Revolution anführen
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Power_Kick_for_Africa_2011_111 Power_Kick_for_Africa_2011_088 Power_Kick_for_Africa_2011_064 7_suspense.JPG.scaled1000 8_womens_football.JPG.scaled1000 Power_Kick_for_Africa_2011_001 Power_Kick_for_Africa_2011_015 Power_Kick_for_Africa_2011_023
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Power Kick for Africa 2010, Accra, Ghana

Conference on Renewable Energy Policies for Sustainable African Development
Solar Screening of the FIFA Football World Cup, Oboadaka, Ghana

Press Release

Power Kick for Africa – Ghana, 2010 (German)
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Power Kick for Africa – Ghana, 2010 (English)
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Press Clippings

Globalo Magazin – June 2010 (German)
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ECREEE Newsletter – October 2010 (English)
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Sun & Wind Energy – July 2010 (English)
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Enorm Magazin – May 2010 (German)
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Hamburger Abendblatt – 22.06.2010 (German)
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Die Welt – June 2010 (German)
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Hamburger Morgenpost – 19.06.2010 (German)
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Germany_vs_Ghana_by_NBertrams wfc_ghana_21-LeinwandGroup_picture_medium

WFC workshop 2009, Ethiopia

World Future Council workshop on Renewable Energy Policies for Sustainable African Development
Founding of AREA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Press Release

AREA Founding Workshop 2009 – Ethiopia, 2009
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